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e-Libro offers a suitable solution for academic publishers and the texts they need to effectively ensure their content, edit at a low cost, archive and distribute documents such as books, magazines, research bulletins. Because our technology is based on PDF documents, standard edition and printing in the publishing industry, publishers can get maximum results quickly.

The most important publishers and editors of the university world in Spanish as Díaz de Santos, Grupo Planeta (Alienta Editorial Deusto, Gestión 2000) Bosch Editor, Mundi-Prensa, Marcombo, McGraw Hill España, México McGraw Hill, Eudeba and others distribute their contents through the Internet through e-Libro. In addition, in partnership with ebrary, content in English MIT Press, Harvard, Yale, Stanford and Cambridge.

With e-Libro, publishers can reduce the costs associated with printing, distributing and converting formats and increasing revenue through a broad distribution chain.
Publishers can take advantage of the highly flexible and scalable e-book technology to distribute their products, such as books, newspapers, magazines and research papers over the Internet using a wide range of methods and payment models.

Modalities of distribution

1) In libraries

  • By subscription
  • Through purchase
  • Through access for individual payment

2) Individuals

3) Sales in Baker & Taylor

Publisher benefits

  • Reduce distribution costs: They are greatly reduced in the processes and distribution of books, magazines, periodicals and other digital documents in their original print pdf format.
  • Increase profits: Wide range of Internet and the reduction of download times. The e-Libro technology allows users to easily access large PDF documents using a standard internet connection.
  • The prices of its contents: Allows you to add flexible business rules to documents. Our technology is compatible with subscriptions, purchases, payments to access individually, pay to see, free documents, etc.
  • Increase sales and marketing: Our detailed real-time reports allow you to determine all relevant information about users and customers, including how they are using your documents.
  • Increase profits by allowing users to view before buying: Allows users to view full or limited content as an incentive to purchase the full content in digital form.
  • Provides greater interaction at the word level: Our exclusive tool InfoTools ™ software can be easily adapted to direct our users to products and services for sale, digital resources and databases within organization, or research tools available on the web, by selecting words or phrases within the document.
  • Security: All documents on our platform are protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management). This tool protects intellectual property for commercial digital content operations.

Formats supported and way of sending the contents:

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