Library services


e-Libro provides libraries and other institutions with an integrated solution for the secure distribution of copyrighted content to library members, students or other users through the Internet.

e-Libro combines a powerful and versatile software platform with more than 96,000 university publishers and publishers leaders in the world. Libraries may also use this technology to electronically protect and distribute their own special and / or reserved collections on-line.

InfoTools ™ technology allows users to automatically link e-Libro content with other digital resources within the library or other research tools available on the web, such as bibliographic information, maps, explanations, translations, and other By selecting a word or phrase.

Access Modes


Unlimited access to selected collections and new features that are incorporated

  • Large number of carefully selected titles
  • News included at no additional cost
  • Unlimited simultaneous multiuser access


Only selected titles that can be accessed indefinitely

  • Customized collection: the library buys only the titles that it really needs
  • No minimum purchase
  • Indefinite access: no renewals are charged

Access for individual payment


In portuguese

  • E-livro portugués
  • Minha biblioteca

In spanish

  • Completely in Spanish
  • Thematic Collections
    • Architecture, Urbanism and Design                                     
    • Fine Arts, Visual Arts and Semiotic Sciences                                     
    • Biological, Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences                                     
    • Information and Communication Sciences                                     
    • Health sciences                                     
    • Economic and administrative sciences                                     
    • Exact and natural sciences                                     
    • Social sciences                                     
    • Computer, computing and telecommunications                                     
    • Engineering and technology                                     
    • General Interest                                     
    • Psychology
  • Elementary and high schools

In English (only for Europe and Brazil)

  • Complete Academic                             
  • Economy, business and business                             
  • Computer science, information technologies                             
  • Engineering, Technologies                             
  • Medicine                             
  • Nursing and health                             
  • History, Political Science                             
  • Religion, philosophy and classical authors                             
  • Language, literature and language                             
  • Humanities Law, international relations, public policy                             
  • Life Sciences                             
  • Physics                             
  • Psychology and Social Work                             
  • Sociology and Anthropology                             
  • Local and interdisciplinary studies                             
  • Specific publisher collections in economics, engineering and music

For more information see Collections

Description of e-Libro service

  • The publishers of content from leading publishers and University publishers around the world.
    The electronic book for the library system is based on the Portable Document Format (PDF), which is used by most of the world's leading publishers. This format allows the e-book to keep updated content of its generators and continue to increase its collections. PDF technology also ensures that documents maintain the look of the original.
  • Access 24h, 365 days a year.
    With e-Libro platform, libraries can offer their customers unlimited access to high-value content with advanced research tools.
  • Compatibility.
    The reader is available for Windows and MacOS.
  • Powerful search tools.
    La tecnología InfoTools™ hace que los usuarios del sistema pueden buscar y utilizar fácilmente la información que necesitan e interactuar con el contenido desde cualquier lugar del mundo. Con InfoTools, las bibliotecas pueden crear enlaces específicos a los recursos de su preferencia, incluyendo definiciones, información biográfica, mapas y traducciones, así como otros recursos digitales dentro de sus bibliotecas. Los clientes pueden acceder a estas funciones mediante la selección de palabras o frases seleccionadas.
  • Integration with the OPAC system of the library.
    The InfoTools menu can be integrated with the library's OPAC system. A user can highlight a word or phrase in an e-book-provided document and automatically access additional resources within the OPAC.
  • Personal libraries.
    They allow you to keep the titles of interest, notes, labels and highlights you can make from a document, organize them into folders and share folders by sending links by email.
  • Accounting reports and tools.
    Libraries can perform activity reports in "real-time" and have the information and transactions they may be carrying out in the collections use. These activity reports include information on specific pages viewed / accessed, printed or copied pages, number of users accessing a particular title, the IP address where they access.
  • MARC records.
    Customers receive the MARC21 records of new titles that will be included in the monthly platform.
  • Types of access.
    Authorized access by IP address category and / or user / code.