About eLibro

Publishing leaders, libraries and other organizations are using eLibro's technology to distribute books, courses, bookings, special collections, reports and other documents online, in an environment that protects Trademarks as well as copyright.

Our company eLibro Corp. was founded in 1998, and its first site, www.e-libro.net, became the first to publish virtually in Spanish language. In 1999, eLibro and ebrary developed an interface in spanish: www.elibro.com and one in portuguese: www.e-livro.com. Years later www.elibro.us was made as a tool to sale e-books in spanish in the US.

Currently eLibro has the background of the main academic publishers and is distinguished by being the aggregator with more content available in Spanish language in the market.

At present, eLibro offers more than 98000 books, specialized publications and other texts of prestigious publishers, digitizing 1,000 new books every month.

The company offers various subscription or purchase options to public libraries, universities, companies and other academic institutions, and provides support to individual authors and companies with services such as publishing and electronic publishing.

eLibro is available in Spain, in Latin American countries and has gained entry into the United States and other world markets with the expansion of this strategic alliance with ebrary.

Marcela Cejas, Founder of eLibro / 1998

eLibro's platform

eLibro offers full texts, lectures, books, articles, scientific research and doctoral theses of all academic disciplines. Articles selected from scientific journals for free as a second option for the researcher.

Enhanced technology

  • Compatible with any browser
  • Reading online and offline
  • Compatible with text-to-speech conversion programs
  • Our always unsurpassed customer support

Always updated content

  • Most of the recommended literature on a single platform
  • The selection of higher quality and quantity in complementary bibliography
  • We add +1,000 monthly books of new content

Our sites

Main features and benefits

Simultaneous access

Always available, instant and dynamic, with the most sophisticated search engine on the market.

Downloading content

For different devices that are compatible with Adobe Digital Editions. Bluefire for reading on iOs and Android mobile devices.

Advanced Research

eLibro / Additional Resources: Dictionary of the RAE, encyclopedias, biographies, maps, bibliography, in real time. Tools such as: Markers, highlighters, annotations, etc.

Affordable cost

Depending on the type and size of the library, school, college or university. Allows Individual Users. Book loans for 14 days.


Reports and statistics of use, with ICOL (International Coalition of Library Consortia) standards, Counter reports.